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About Twig World Limited

Twig World is a leading global producer of multimedia resources for teaching and learning. As a Bett Award winner three years in a row, Twig World resources are used by more than a million students worldwide. Each of Twig World’s concise three-minute films is original and bespoke, carefully crafted by TV producers working with teachers and academics to give full and engaging explanations of complex learning. Twig World’s short films have been created specifically for use in schools and matched to national and international curricula.


STEMscopes + TWIG

Introducing Twig & TigTag Videos

We’re enhancing STEMscopes Content Connections with over 1,000 new STEM videos!

Twig World licensed videos bring global STEM phenomena to your classroom without any additional cost or software—they’re already in your STEMscopes subscription!

Whether used in class or assigned for use at home, these short and impactful videos are sourced from top film archives including BBC Worldwide and Getty Images libraries.

Enhance your hands-on experiences by seeing how the models you create with your students in class act in the real world.

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Play a STEM Video

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Play a STEM Video

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Enhance Learning With Real-World Connections

Content connection videos take your students on STEM field trips around the world through short, impactful, premium quality videos that help them see real-life phenomena, inspiring wonder and deepening their understandings of the world around them. Each video is seamlessly embedded into STEMscopes modules, requiring no additional licenses, software, or hassle to figure out standards alignment.

With over 1000 videos at your disposal, your students will say “wow” as they see how the hands-on STEMscopes experiences in class correlate with the jaw-dropping, modern footage from across the globe.

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Twig & TigTag Videos in Your Classroom


Enhance Hands-on STEM Curriculum

  • Stun visual learners with premium quality footage that shows them how hands-on experiences in class relate to real-life STEM careers, phenomena, and events; provide context to hands-on learning
  • Enhance differentiation by incorporating social studies, history, geography, various cultures, and more into each STEM video
  • Improve retention and deepen understandings with video companion

Save Time, Money, and Stress

  • Embedded in every module
  • Vetted and aligned to curriculum—no need to determine if “they fit” with the content
  • No additional license required—your current subscription gets you over 1000 premium videos
  • No additional software required—videos are HTML5-based, playing on any device directly from your web browser
  • Can be assigned directly to students

Develop Real-World Connections

  • Don’t just imagine real-world phenomena like volcanic lightning, migrating whales, and subterranean aquifers—using Twig World's award-winning STEM videos, your students can now see the things they learn about in class
  • Encourage your students to share what they learn outside of class
  • Develop interest in STEM careers
  • Drive interest in cross-curricular topics and activities