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STEMscopes Math’s lives on the web, where it’s accessible from any device, cloud-synced, and available on modern internet browsers. Teachers have access to a wide range of learning resources that fit into your district’s scope and sequence. All content is vetted, tested, and meticulously aligned to your standards. Finally, teachers can wave goodbye to the days of forcing stodgy textbooks to serve their instructional needs.

As an administrator, you’ll have the power to mass-assign activities that you want all your teachers to use for distance learning, ensuring that all students have an equitable learning experience. Teachers can also work across content areas by inviting each other to collaborate on their STEMscopes Math account. This capability allows teachers to leverage differentiation activities, understand student data, and prepare intervention or acceleration plans.

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Constructivist learning is at the heart of STEMscopes Math. Centered on the 5E+IA lesson model and a concrete-representational-abstract (CRA) approach and informed by the feedback and use of dozens of master teacher-writers, STEMscopes Math takes a fresh approach to math instruction. Worksheets are replaced with authentic instruction where the student takes charge of their own learning through guided, facilitated teacher support. Rote memorization and “this is the only way to solve the problem” give way to creative, collaborative learning processes where how to do something is as important as what the right answer is.

When teachers are onboarded, they not only learn how to navigate STEMscopes but also gain an understanding of our underlying principles—intentional discourse, productive struggle, and real-world connections. Educators apply these principles to engage students, teach perseverance, and make math meaningful. An extensive Help section within STEMscopes Math offers on-demand support and embedded facilitation aids, helping both new and veteran teachers take their lessons to the next level.

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Data is vital not only for ensuring student success but also for supporting teachers in their growth and development as educators. STEMscopes Math’s approach to assessment provides granular data accessible for administrators to access with the click of a button. From usage heat maps to a wide variety of assessment types, you can understand where your math teachers are and where help is needed.

Ensure that your school stands out in math instruction with three powerful assessments: the Florida B.E.S.T. Standards-based test for each standard, Decide and Defend argumentation-based assessments to push thinking and spark discourse, and Quantile Benchmarks to monitor student growth over time.