A Fresh Take on Math

STEMscopes Math is an approach to math instruction. Built from the TEKS by Texas educators using the 5E lesson model, STEMscopes Math was designed to enhance learning by revealing the wonder of math in our everyday world. STEMscopes Math provides the resources a teacher needs to create a meaningful learning experience that empowers 21st-century skill integration for real-world application.

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Constructivist Approach

We provide powerful interactive learning using the CRA approach to complement critical thinking, compelling reflection, and collaborative exploration.

Intentional Discourse

We want students to have purposeful math discussions that require collaboration, listening, and expression in a multitude of ways to broaden mindsets and promote growth.

5E + IA in Action

You will experience the 5E+IA model through our Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate, Intervention, and Acceleration model of learning, designed to enhance learning through the wonder of math in our everyday world.

Real-World Exploration

Our genuine and authentic tasks are open- ended and cross-dimensional to promote a range of student approaches and responses in multiple contexts.

Features & Benefits

  • Written by Texas teachers for Texas teachers
  • 5E + Intervention & Acceleration
  • C-R-A
  • Real-World Tasks
  • Virtual Manipulatives
  • Interactive Games
  • Spanish Translation

Explore the elements inside a STEMscopes Math lesson:

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